Punishment of dating in islam

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The woman I mentioned earlier told us that there were police and even religious officers who come to them as clients. In regions where prostitution remains legal, it may be easier to reach out to them because they are registered under the profession and therefore can be identified.For example, in Turkey, sociologists and psychologists interviewed 3,000 registered prostitutes working at brothels to determine whether they had been forced into the job and if they would prefer another line of employment.In prostitution, research involving nine countries revealed that when the prostitutes were asked, ‘What do you need?’, 89% responded that they desired to ‘leave prostitution’ (Farley, 2003).During the day she takes care of her children, and at night she leaves them with her sister and goes to ‘work’.

It completely destroys her already shattered life, being reduced down to a depersonalized, sexual object.Apart from sexual violence, prostitutes experience physical violence by their pimps, brothel owners, and clients as a means to keep them under control.Homicide is a frequent cause of death for women in prostitution.Many are uneducated women who live in poverty and possess few marketable skills.My research finds that prostitutes are many times: While we criminalize them for living in adultery, spreading diseases, disrupting family institutions, and giving birth to innocent, illegitimate children who suffer for having dishonorable mothers, we fail to see the other spectrum of the consequences of prostitution.

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